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New Superyacht Generation

The journey of innovation

The journey of innovation

One-Day Trip

Absolute harmony with nature. The yacht is able to sail in electric mode for 90% of the time on a one-day trip. Silence and unspoilt beauty onboard 42 metres of comfort.

Transatlantic Trip

Extraordinary performance over long distances. On a non-stop crossing of 3,600 nm, Infinity 42 BluE can navigate in electric mode for 70% of the time. The vessel only navigates in hybrid mode for as long as it takes to recharge the battery.

AI & Infotainment

As of today, the most advanced technology accompanies you even on your remotest experiences immersed in unspoilt marine landscapes. On board Infinity 42 BluE, you don't just look at the sea. You experience it, thanks to a unique digital platform, which Monitors battery performance and checks emissions to deliver a flawless navigation experience. Artificial intelligence will be your travel companion. A brain capable of learning and anticipating
the needs of guests on board, ensuring optimal energy efficiency. Whenever a hybrid-electric system is installed, the software is also able to manage the battery pack, keeping it within optimal range. AI takes journey entertainment to a whole new level. With the new technology by Rossinavi, you will always be aware of where you are and what surrounds you during navigation. The software also provides local or destination weather forecasts.

Endless emotion

Triple Zero

For us, eco-sustainability and green vision means not one but three advantages: Zero Noise, Zero Emission and Zero Odour.
Immerse yourself in the wonders of the sea with unprecedented clarity.

Beauty and nothing else

Each wave is a caress. The breeze is your music: feeling at one with nature is the greatest privilege for anyone who loves the sea. Electric sailing enables you to experience the natural habitat without limits, so that you can approach protected marine areas and beautiful nature reserves without any impact on the environment. Enjoy the pleasure of silence, immerse yourself in the wonder of places no one has ever seen so close.

Those who place their trust in Rossinavi embrace its vision of a sailing boating experience inspired by comfort, respect for the environment and the person, which restores the visceral and profound connection with nature, true to life at sea.

Infinity 42 BluE is the certainty of constant evolution.
The resurgence of innovation in the nautical world.

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